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Provide Your Executive Leaders with the Skills They Need to Effectively Influence Others

Leadership Coaching that Increases
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Leading, Coaching, and Influencing Others is an art and yet when it comes to developing leaders these days, sadly we do the exact opposite of apprenticing students to teachers. Instead, we take a

high performing individual contributor who is achieving great results and
promote them into a leadership position. We do this before we determine whether they have the desire to lead or whether they possess the
skills and tools (the brushes if you will), to effectively lead others. 

The truth is that most selected do not possess the skills needed and so they scramble and attempt to apply the same principles that made them successful as an individual contributor to their new role as a leader. The results are leaders who micromanage, over control, and do the work themselves. This creates employees who are disengaged and unmotivated because they feel underutilized and undervalued.

Your Greatest Challenge: Making The Jump

It has been well-documented that the single most difficult jump a leader must make is the jump from being an individual contributor to
a leader of people. Why? Because the skills that got you promoted from an individual contributor to a leader are not the skills that will ensure
your success as a leader. Being a leader was never going to be easy. In fact, I believe that being a genuine leader is one of the greatest challenges that you will face in your career.

The Solution: Executive Leadership Coaching from Joe Contrera

As a former leader himself, Joe knows what it takes to succeed in today’s highly-challenging  environment. His executive leadership coaching is a customized process designed specifically to the needs of the individual leader. By helping you remove the obstacles cluttering your path, and then teaching you how to effectively build your skills so you can coach others!

You Will Learn How To: 

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