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Joe Contrera is the president and founder of ALIVE @ WORK ® LLC. He helps Extraordinary Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Results. Joe is the author of three books, his latest book, Extraordinary Results: Mastering the Art of Leading, Coaching, & Influencing Others is changing the way leaders leverage influence to achieve higher levels of productivity and employee engagement. We hope you enjoy the blog, and please be sure to share these blogs with your friends and colleagues who want to have a more ALIVE @ WORK ® Mindset in the workplace!


Extraordinary Wisdom

Extraordinary Wisdom – Part II

(*An excerpt from Joe’s new book coming out later this year – To read Part – I click here) Extraordinary Wisdom – Part II “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” –  Thomas Jefferson   The Relationship Between, Wisdom, Honesty, & Ego If we are to be wise and act wisely, we…


Extraordinary Wisdom – Part I

(*An excerpt from Joe’s latest book, coming out later this year) Extraordinary Wisdom – Part I Throughout history, much has been written on the topic of wisdom. It has been studied, analyzed, and dissected for thousand of years. Attempts to put it in motion have been unfolding for hundreds of years before the birth of…


Extraordinary Risk

Embracing Extraordinary Risk When it comes to discussing Extraordinary Risk, I think it is important to understand how we define risk. Since we have already defined the term extraordinary as being outside of what is common, known, or ordinary, let us define risk. Risk – \ˈrisk\ : noun. a situation involving exposure to danger. verb.…