Free Resources Designed to Empower Employees and Develop Authentic Leadership

Gain a Competitive Edge with Resources and Tools from Leadership Expert Joe Contrera

Free Resources Designed to IncreaseEmpower Employees and Develop Authentic Leadership

Continuing to educate ourselves is the key to moving forward. When we fail to expand our thinking, we fail to grow. And when we fail to grow, we’re limiting our success and our ability to achieve extraordinary results.

Don’t let yourself or your company stall out—keep moving forward!

Take advantage of the free resources listed below, which Joe has provided to challenge your thinking beyond the boundaries that you may have already set for yourself. Encourage the growth of others in your organization by sharing any of these resources with your staff, sales team or colleagues.

Free Tools

My 2016 Commitments and Beyond …

Joe’s planning process will help you to get crystal clear on the most important areas of your life; Finances & Lifestyle, Career, Relationships, and your Health. You’ll walk away with a plan for a simple straightforward plan for this this year and the next five! Start creating the life you want today!

Performance ProView™ Plan

Joe’s Performance ProView Plan gives you the opportunity to develop your forecast and a specific plan to help you achieve your objectives. It’s developed by you in conjunction with the support and coaching of your sales manager. Get started on your plan now! 185KB

Authentic Leadership Survey

Find out where you are on the path to authentic leadership, and what steps you need to take to keep going in the right direction.

ALIVE @ WORK® Self-Evaluation

Discover your own aliveness factor! Take Joe’s quick and easy self-evaluation, and encourage your employees and co-workers to take it, too.


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