The Art of Listening vs. The Ignorance of Interrupting

The Art of Listening vs. The Ignorance of Interrupting 72 Interruptions … Yes, count them! Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine interrupted his opponent or the debate moderator 72 times in  a 90 minute period. That’s once every 75 seconds! He wasn’t interested in debating, he had an agenda and he was driving it home. He…

The Art of Leading, Coaching, and Influencing Others ™

The Art of Leading, Coaching, and Influencing Others ™ How would you define The Art of Leading Others? Studies have shown that you can boil down human behavior into 4 basic categories. People are either driven by a need to be right, to be liked, to be recognized/seen, or to win. Apply that concept as…

Leadership Vision … Does Your Vision Need Correction!

Leadership Vision … Does Your Vision Need Correction! Leadership Vision … how clearly do you really see? Poor vision typically results from one of these three causes: You may be nearsighted (the inability to see things clearly that are far away), farsighted (the inability to see things clearly that are close), or an astigmatism (a blurred…

20 Leadership Behaviors That Tell You It’s Time To Quit!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with or present in front of 1000’s of leaders. On occasion, I have been asked, What makes a great leader? What are the traits of a great leader? Can they be learned? Are people born with them? And the answer always is … it depends. It might be easy to say the top 5 characteristics of a great leader are X or Y or Z. There are literally 1000’s of books written on the topic.

Finding Purpose, Clarity, and Focus …

A wise mentor of mine, Dr Nido Qubein of High Point University, once told me, “Joe if you don’t have a why … the how and the what don’t matter!” As I reflect back on the times in my life when I was driven towards a particular goal … be it writing my first book or starting my business, I was always crystal clear about the why behind my actions. I had a clear understanding of my purpose for that particular goal and was driven to achieve it.

Personal Growth … Don’t Take It Personally!

There have been hundreds of thousands of books written on the topic of personal growth. If you search “personal growth books” at you will get 74,039 titles. And while personal growth can be a very personal topic, it certainly doesn’t mean that personal growth is all about YOU! In fact, research shows that having a personal growth breakthrough typically comes when you surrender and let go of your ego.

Being a Leader: More or Less?

When it comes to fishing, most fishermen use a leader (an additional section of wire or line) to connect the hook or the lure to the fishing line. The type of leader used is determined by the situation or objective. For example, sometimes you need a stronger leader so a larger fish doesn’t snap or bite through the line and cause problems. In other situations a thinner, lighter, leader is needed so the fish doesn’t see the line and get distracted.

Do You Really Know How To Swim?

Recently, a friend of mind and I were discussing the topic of commitment. I was sharing a situation where I felt that I needed to be ‘all in’ or not. Fence-sitting for too long can be uncomfortable. Let me add here, that at times, I have been known to analyze, scrutinize, and over-think, a situation to death … and this was one of those times!