The Art of Listening vs. The Ignorance of Interrupting

The Art of Listening vs. The Ignorance of Interrupting 72 Interruptions … Yes, count them! Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine interrupted his opponent or the debate moderator 72 times in  a 90 minute period. That’s once every 75 seconds! He wasn’t interested in debating, he had an agenda and he was driving it home. He…

Interview with Joe Contrera on Leadership

“The single most important characteristic of any leader is self honesty; without it you can’t lead anyone.” Joe Contrera Recently I was interviewed by Dr. Mathew Norton of The Mindfluence Revolution on the topic of Leadership. If you’re interested in hearing the interview simply click here …. According to Joe Contrera, leadership is not a reward…

Leadership Faux Pas #1 – Taking Things Personally

Leadership Faux Pas #1 – Taking Things Personally In his ground-breaking book, The Four Agreements, author Don Miguel Ruiz wrote that taking things personally along with making assumptions was the equivalent of “a personal hell on earth!” As a leader taking things personally is a path to creating a personal hell for everyone in the…

20 Leadership Behaviors That Tell You It’s Time To Quit!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with or present in front of 1000’s of leaders. On occasion, I have been asked, What makes a great leader? What are the traits of a great leader? Can they be learned? Are people born with them? And the answer always is … it depends. It might be easy to say the top 5 characteristics of a great leader are X or Y or Z. There are literally 1000’s of books written on the topic.

One Question That Can Change Your Life … Are You Happy?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that seems so overwhelming that we lose our way and end up drowning in a sea of fear, doubt, and confusion. In times like these … it might be helpful to simplify your thought process and boil it all down to one simple and easy question … am I happy? Answering this question should be relatively simple and it is … until we start to over-think, over-analyze, and over-complicate what should be a very simple answer … Yes I am or No I am not!

The Truth About Effort & Self-Worth

Effort is a good thing … unless you find yourself tying your sense of self-worth and value to it! I remember standing in the hallway of St. Francis De Sales School with my fingers crossed. I was in 2nd grade and I was hoping and praying that Sr. Miriam Therese would call my name so I could go up and claim my highly coveted prize … a small blue and white button with the word ‘EFFORT’ emblazoned across the front of it.

Being a Leader: More or Less?

When it comes to fishing, most fishermen use a leader (an additional section of wire or line) to connect the hook or the lure to the fishing line. The type of leader used is determined by the situation or objective. For example, sometimes you need a stronger leader so a larger fish doesn’t snap or bite through the line and cause problems. In other situations a thinner, lighter, leader is needed so the fish doesn’t see the line and get distracted.

Leadership Engagement – Are Your Leaders Authentically Engaged?

One of the hottest topics in the ever-changing world of human resources continues to be employee engagement. And while there are as many different opinions about engagement as there are suggestions on how to improve it … human resource professionals continue to search for solutions to this complex idea.

ALL IN – Change Your Commitments, Change Your Life!

Whether it is a decision to exercise or a decision to spend the rest of your life with someone you love … no commitment can be complete unless you are ALL IN! So how do you define ALL IN? Sometimes it’s easier to help you get a clearer picture of what something is by identifying what it isn’t! That said, here is a list to help you define – ALL IN.