Leadership Faux Pas #5 – Lack of Focus

  Leadership Faux Pas #5 – Lack of Focus “When you don’t know your why, you don’t have purpose … when you don’t have purpose, you don’t have clarity … when you don’t have clarity you don’t have focus and without focus you can’t accomplish a damn thing!” Joe Contrera A lack of focus will…

Leadership Faux Pas #1 – Taking Things Personally

Leadership Faux Pas #1 – Taking Things Personally In his ground-breaking book, The Four Agreements, author Don Miguel Ruiz wrote that taking things personally along with making assumptions was the equivalent of “a personal hell on earth!” As a leader taking things personally is a path to creating a personal hell for everyone in the…

Part II – 10 Things You Need To Hold Onto … Forever!

In life there are things we need to let go of … and things we need to hold onto. The key to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life is knowing the difference and which one to do and when … hold or let go. Below is a short list of things that need to hold onto. Why? Because when you lose these 10 things … life can be pretty empty.

Positively Positive!

You’ve heard the saying, “garbage in … garbage out.” When it comes to your thoughts and your words, the same principle applies … what you think will determine what you do AND what you say. Most people have heard these statements before … what you sow is what you reap, be careful who you hang out with it is who you will become, thoughts become things, etc.

Are You Happy Now?

A group of friends and I were having a discussion about happiness. Various people took turns chiming in on the topic. The conversation included a number of different comments. One person shared that they were rediscovering what made them happy, another about the fact that they seemed to focus more on what made them unhappy, and yet another listed specific things that made them happy.

Got Emotional Intelligence?

So what’s all this talk I hear about Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence can be defined as a person’s ability to effectively negotiate social relationships and environments. Emotional Intelligence is a relatively new science and is becoming an important factor in determining a persons success in business and in life.