Interview with Joe Contrera on Leadership

“The single most important characteristic of any leader is self honesty; without it you can’t lead anyone.” Joe Contrera Recently I was interviewed by Dr. Mathew Norton of The Mindfluence Revolution on the topic of Leadership. If you’re interested in hearing the interview simply click here …. According to Joe Contrera, leadership is not a reward…

Leadership Faux Pas #3 – Being Close-Minded

Leadership Faux Pas #3 – Being Close-Minded “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” Isaac Asimov Are you a close-minded leader? We all see the world through our lens of perception. Everyone of us experiences the world differently because our lenses…

Leadership Arrogance II: Is It Destroying Your Brand?

Leadership Arrogance II: Is It Destroying Your Brand? Leadership Arrogance can destroy your brand. Your brand is your promise! It is what people expect when they deal with you, your organization, or your people. Is Leadership Arrogance destroying your brand? Recently a situation developed with an attorney who felt that it was okay to rack up…

Leadership Arrogance … Are You A Monkey’s Uncle?

Leadership Arrogance … Are You A Monkey’s Uncle? Leadership Arrogance can destroy you, your team, and a whole lot more … Recently I received a third unsolicited email from a “leader” in my industry. I have never met this person, don’t know them, and certainly never signed up for their emails. Not wanting to read…

Leading by Example … Are You A Horse’s Ass?

Being a leader means that your people take their cues from you. The behaviors you exhibit are the behaviors that slowly get woven into the culture of your team. And while the saying “Do as I say … not as I do” may work with a 2 year old, it will drive your ability to lead right into the toilet. So the question becomes … what beliefs and behaviors are forming your team culture?

20 Leadership Behaviors That Tell You It’s Time To Quit!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with or present in front of 1000’s of leaders. On occasion, I have been asked, What makes a great leader? What are the traits of a great leader? Can they be learned? Are people born with them? And the answer always is … it depends. It might be easy to say the top 5 characteristics of a great leader are X or Y or Z. There are literally 1000’s of books written on the topic.

Personal Growth … Don’t Take It Personally!

There have been hundreds of thousands of books written on the topic of personal growth. If you search “personal growth books” at you will get 74,039 titles. And while personal growth can be a very personal topic, it certainly doesn’t mean that personal growth is all about YOU! In fact, research shows that having a personal growth breakthrough typically comes when you surrender and let go of your ego.