The Exorbitant Cost of a Disengaged Leader?

The Exorbitant Cost of a Disengaged Leader? The cost of a disengaged leader is staggering. Over the course of the last 5-10 years much emphasis has been focused on the impact that disengaged employees have on the bottom line. And while technically a leader is an employee the cost of disengaged leader can be ten times…

Leadership Arrogance II: Is It Destroying Your Brand?

Leadership Arrogance II: Is It Destroying Your Brand? Leadership Arrogance can destroy your brand. Your brand is your promise! It is what people expect when they deal with you, your organization, or your people. Is Leadership Arrogance destroying your brand? Recently a situation developed with an attorney who felt that it was okay to rack up…

Leadership Vision … Does Your Vision Need Correction!

Leadership Vision … Does Your Vision Need Correction! Leadership Vision … how clearly do you really see? Poor vision typically results from one of these three causes: You may be nearsighted (the inability to see things clearly that are far away), farsighted (the inability to see things clearly that are close), or an astigmatism (a blurred…

8 Reasons Why Hiring Great Leaders … Is Like Mining For Gold

Recently I was working with a group of leaders from a gold mining company to help them strengthen their Coaching Skills. Towards the end of the week I had an opportunity to tour the mine. My guide Jesse was navigating though the various tunnels when all of a sudden he stopped the vehicle, killed the lights, and shut-off the engine. While we sat there 2500 feet underground in complete and utter darkness … it hit me … LIKE A TON OF BRICKS!

Leading by Example … Are You A Horse’s Ass?

Being a leader means that your people take their cues from you. The behaviors you exhibit are the behaviors that slowly get woven into the culture of your team. And while the saying “Do as I say … not as I do” may work with a 2 year old, it will drive your ability to lead right into the toilet. So the question becomes … what beliefs and behaviors are forming your team culture?

The Cost of Losing A Customer … $10?

What is the true cost of losing a customer? Recently Jen, my significant other and I were attempting to reschedule dental appointments for our kids at Southwest Dental Group here in Ahwatukee, AZ. We were brand new clients and had just started going there the previous week (they don’t do a cleaning the first time you go there, they just tell you what they think you might possibly need and then you come back a second time for the actual work – can you say inconvenient?).

Leadership Engagement – Are Your Leaders Authentically Engaged?

One of the hottest topics in the ever-changing world of human resources continues to be employee engagement. And while there are as many different opinions about engagement as there are suggestions on how to improve it … human resource professionals continue to search for solutions to this complex idea.

Effective Communication: A 1000 Words Doesn’t Paint A Picture!

However … you can speak at a rate of 120 – 180 words per minute. You can listen at a rate of 400 – 800 words per minute. Your mind can process up to 3000 words per minute!! Anybody see a problem here? The Harvard Business review stated that 87% of business issues are due to the lack of effective communication skills NOT the competencies of the parties.

A Systems Approach to Success

A wise mentor once told me that in order to have success, I needed the ability to repeat the processes that were creating success in my business and my life. In other words … systems for success. This was difficult as I don’t naturally think in a process and procedure way. However, after he spoke, I realized that I needed systems in my life if I wanted to achieve a higher level of success.