Influence Quotient (InQ) Assessment

Transform Your Ability to Influence Others

Do you lead from a place of power or a place of force? Do you influence others to be their best, or are you attempting to control others to drive your agenda? Are you leading your team or are you simply managing tasks and outcomes?

Influencing others is at the heart of being a great leader. Without the ability to influence others, your ability to achieve extraordinary results diminishes exponentially.

The most powerful leaders in history were amazing influencers. Understanding your relationship to power or force is the key to unlocking your ability to achieve extraordinary results. This assessment will help you gain valuable insights into your relationship to the nine key leadership indicators that will guide you towards making the changes needed to improve your ability to influence others more effectively.

Know Thyself – The First Step

Leadership Self-Awareness Inventory

Are you the obstacle that keeps getting in the way of your team’s success? Do you find it difficult to influence others whose personalities are different from yours? Are you satisfied with the results you are getting or do you know you could achieve more? Is your unconscious need to win or to be right sabotage your ability to influence others?

How would you know? Unless … you were aware of how your behaviors were influencing those around you?

Understanding how your behaviors influence your team is the first step in unlocking the key to achieving extraordinary results as a leader.

Understanding how our own perceptions of who we are and how others perceive us is the first step in becoming an effective leader. Without it we are walking blindly down a path and constantly bumping into self-imposed obstacles that we have planted in our way.