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U.S. companies spend approximately $161 billion a year on training. And yet, so many leaders question the overall effectiveness of those dollars spent because in there is no way to measure the return on investment. Still, organizations continue to send their leaders to half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops despite that 75% of what they are taught they forget when they walk out of the training room because there is no system in place to implement the learning or continue to build their skills.

You don’t achieve extraordinary results by sitting in a training class for a few hours or a few days. Achieving extraordinary results comes with practice, accountability, and an ongoing process in place to continuously hone those skills. 

The good news is, there’s a solution to this common problem.  Joe Contrera will help your company’s leaders achieve extraordinary results through one-on-one coaching, customized leadership development programs, or speaking at your next corporate event.

Joe’s Effective Leadership Development Solutions


Joe will involve your people in the process of developing a customized program to make sure he gets to the challenges facing your organization. His ability to blend humor, meaningful content, with interactive exercises will insure that your leaders walk out of the program with the ability to change the way they lead immediately.



The speed and complexity of today’s business can be overwhelming, with Joe’s executive coaching he can help you learn the skills and build the skills you need to be a influential leader.  You will help you understand what it truly means to lead and provide unique insight to the obstacles you might be putting in your path and preventing you from achieving extraordinary results.

Leadership Coaching


For more than twenty years, Joe has been working with organizations to produce positive change by helping them discover the untapped potential within their people.  Companies can achieve the results they want with Joe’s powerful yet simple consulting process.

Leadership Programs

Find out more about how Joe can help your leaders achieve extraordinary results with his solutions for effective leadership development! Contact ALIVE @ WORK directly at (480) 460-7545.