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Boost Your “Aliveness” Factor and Rediscover Your Purpose at Work!

Check Your Vital Signs by Taking Joe Contrera’s ALIVE @ WORK® Self-Evaluation

Yes, you’re alive as a person, or you wouldn’t be reading this. But when it comes to your work and your job performance, how alive are you? Take Joe’s self-evaluation survey to find out!

Respond to the following statements as honestly and as directly as possible.  Don’t spend too much time thinking about your answers; your initial answer is likely the most accurate.  A response of 10 represents the highest level of satisfaction, 100 percent of the time, or a very strong “yes.”

After submitting your answers, you’ll receive personalized advice and recommendations from Joe Contrera on finding more purpose at work and boosting your aliveness factor!

1) I am aware of my natural talents. (i.e. strengths, gifts, genius, brilliance) Disagree Agree

2) I utilize these talents in my work and my life on a ongoing basis. Disagree Agree

3) I am recognized and appreciated for my unique talents at work. Disagree Agree

4) I have a positive attitude about my work. Disagree Agree

5) I have goals that are clearly defined, measurable, and attainable at work. Disagree Agree

6) I am achieving my goals both personally and professionally. Disagree Agree

7) I understand the significance of my work in the overall success of the organization. Disagree Agree

8) I have the all of the skills required to achieve a high level of success at my job. Disagree Agree

9) I am compensated fairly for my contribution to the organization I work for. Disagree Agree

10) My working relationship with my manager is one of mutual trust and respect. Disagree Agree

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